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1 Short title and Commencements -The National Company Law Tribunal Rules, 2016
2 Definitions -The National Company Law Tribunal Rules, 2016
3 Computation of time period
4 Forms
5 Format of order or direction or rule
6 Official seal of the Tribunal
7 Custody of the records
8 Sitting of the Tribunal
9 Sitting hours
10 Working hours
11 Inherent Powers
12 Calendar
13 Listing of cases
14 Power to exempt
15 Power to extend time
16 Functions of the President
17 Functions of the Registrar
18 Functions of the Secretary
19 Delegation of powers by the President
20 Procedure
21 Particulars to be set out in the address for service
22 Initialling alteration
23 Presentation of petition or appeal
23A Presentation of joint petition.
24 Number of copies to be filed
25 Lodging of caveat
26 Endorsement and Verification
27 Translation of document
28 Endorsement and scrutiny of petition or appeal or document
29 Registration of proceedings admitted
30 Calling for records
31 Production of authorisation for and on behalf of an association
32 Interlocutory applications
33 Procedure on production of defaced, torn or damaged documents
34 General Procedure
35 Advertisement detailing petition
36 Maintenance of Cash Register
37 Notice to Opposite Party
38 Service of Notices and processes
38A Multiple remedies
39 Production of Evidence by Affidavit
40 Production of additional evidence before the Bench
41 Filing of Reply and other Documents by the Respondents
42 Filing of Rejoinder
43 Power of the Bench to call for further information or evidence
44 Hearing of petition or applications
45 Rights of a party to appear before the Tribunal
46 Registration of authorised representative's interns
47 Oath to the witness
48 Consequence of non-appearance of applicant
49 Ex-parte Hearing and disposal
50 Registry to send certified copy
51 Power to regulate the procedure
52 Summoning of witnesses and recording Evidence
53 Substitution of legal representatives
54 Assessors or valuers
55 Pleadings before the Tribunal
56 Application for execution
57 Issue of process of execution
58 Effect of non-compliance
59 Procedure for imposition of penalty under the Act
60 Matters relating to the Judgments or Orders of the Tribunal
61 Amicus Curiae
62 Recusal
63 Presentation and scrutiny of petitions or applications
64 Matter earlier dealt by Company Law Board
65 Petition or Application under sub-section (2) of section 45QA of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 (2 of 1934)
66 Application under sub- section (7) of section 7
67 Petition under sub-section (41) of section 2
68 Petition under section 14
68A. Application to cancel variation of rights under sub-section (2) of section 48
69 Petition under sub-section (3) of section 55
70 Appeal under sections 58 and 59
71 Application under proviso to clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 51
72 Appeal against the order of the Government under Section 62(4)
73 Application under sections 71(9), 71 (10), section 73(4) or section 74(2) and 76(2)
74 Application for calling or obtaining a direction to call annual general meeting
75 Application for obtaining an order for calling of general meeting (other than Annual General Meeting)
76 Inspection of minute-books of general meeting
76A Application under section 130
77 Application under section 131
78 Application under Section 140
79 Application under section 169
80 Application under section 213 for investigation
80A Application under section 230
81 Application under section 241
82 Withdrawal of Application filed under section 241
83 Application under section 243
83A. Application under sub-section (1) of section 244
84 Right to apply under section 245
85 Conducting a class action suit
86 Rule of opt-out
87 Publication of notice
87A. Appeal or application under sub-section (1) and sub-section (3) of section 252
88 Reference to the Tribunal
89 Preparation and publication of daily cause list
90 Carry forward of cause list and adjournment of cases on account of non-sitting of a Bench
91 Diaries
92 Order Sheet
93 Maintenance of court diary
94 Statutes or citations for reference
95 Calling of cases in court
96 Regulation of court work
97 Registers to be maintained
98 Arrangement of records in pending matters
99 Contents of main file
100 Contents of process file
101 Execution file
102 File for miscellaneous applications
103 Preservation of Record
104 Retention, Preservation and Destruction of Records
105 Issue of notice
106 Summons
107 Steps for issue of fresh notice
108 Consequence of failure to take steps for issue of fresh notice
109 Entries regarding service of notice or process
110 Default of appearance of respondent and consequences
111 Filing of objections by respondent, form and consequences
112 Fees
113 Award of costs in the proceedings
114 Inspection of the records
115 Grant of inspection
116 Application for grant of inspection
117 Mode of Inspection
118 Maintenance of Register of Inspection
119 Appearance of Authorised Representative
120 Consent for Engaging Another Legal Practitioner
121 Restrictions on Appearance
122 Restriction on Party's Right to be heard
123 Empanelment of special Authorised Representatives by the Tribunal
124 Professional dress for the Authorised Representatives
125 Title of Affidavits
126 Form and contents of the Affidavit
127 Persons Authorised to Attest
128 Affidavits of illiterate, visually challenged persons
129 Identification of Deponent
130 Annexures to the Affidavit
131 Application for production of documents, form of summons
132 Suo motu summoning of documents
133 Marking of documents
134 Return and transmission of documents
135 Procedure for examination of witnesses, issue of Commissions
136 Examination in camera
137 Form of oath or affirmation to witness
138 Form of oath or affirmation to interpreter
139 Officer to administer oath
140 Form recording of deposition
141 Numbering of witnesses
142 Grant of discharge certificate
143 Witness allowance payable
144 Records to be furnished to the Commissioner
145 Taking of specimen handwriting, signature etc
146 Disposal of Cases
147 Operative portion of the order
148 Corrections
149 Power to impose Costs
150 Pronouncement of Order
151 Pronouncement of order by any one member of the Bench
152 Authorising any member to pronounce order
153 Enlargement of time
154 Rectification of Order
155 General power to amend
156 Making of entries by Court Master
157 Transmission of order by the Court Master
158 Format of order
159 Indexing of case files after disposal
160 Transmission of files or records or orders
161 Filing of Order of the Tribunal with the Registrar of Companies
162 Copies of orders in library
163 Register of Appeals, Petitions, etc
164 Placing of National Company Law Appellate Tribunal orders before Tribunal
165 Registrar to ensure compliance of National Company Law Appellate Tribunal orders
Schedule Of Fees
159011 Times Visited