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615 Power of central government to direct companies to furnish information or statistics
616 Application of act to insurance banking electricity supply & other companies governed by special acts
617 Definition of "government company"
618 Government companies not to have managing agents
619 Application of sections 224 to 233 to government companies
619A Annual reports on government companies
619B Provisions of section 619 to apply to certain companies
620 Power to modify act in relation to government companies
620A Power to modify act in its application to nidhis, etc.
620B Special provisions as to companies in goa, daman and diu
620C Special provisions as to the companies in jammu and kashmir
621 Offences against act to be cognizable only on complaint by registrar, shareholder or government
621A Composition of certain offences
622 Jurisdiction to try offences
623 Certain offences triable summarily in presidency towns
624 Offences to be non-cognizable
624A Power of central government to appoint company prosecutors
624B Appeal against acquittal
625 Payment of compensation in cases of frivolous or vexatious prosecution
626 Application of fines
627 Production and inspection of books where offence suspected
628 Penalty for false statements
629 Penalty for false evidence
629A Penalty where no specific penalty is provided elsewhere in the act
630 Penalty for wrongful withholding of property
631 Penalty for improper use of words "limited" and "private limited"
632 Power to require limited company to give security for costs
633 Power of court to grant relief in certain cases
634 Enforcement of orders of courts
634A Enforcement of orders of company law board
635 Enforcement of orders of one court by other courts
635A Protection of acts done in good faith
635AA Non-disclosure of information in certain cases
635B Protection of employees during investigation by inspector or pendency of proceeding before court in certain cases
636 Reduction of fees, charges, etc., payable to company
637 Delegation by central government of its powers and functions under act
637A Power of central government or company law board to accord approval, etc.
637AA Power of central government to fix a limit with regard to remuneration
637B Condonation of delays in certain cases
638 Annual report by central government
639 Annual reports on government companies to be placed before parliament etc. omitted
640 Validation of registration of firms as members of charitable and other companies
640A Exclusion of time required in obtaining copies of orders of courts or the company law board
640B Forms of, and procedure in relation to, certain applications
641 Power to alter schedules
642 Power of central government to make rules
644 Repeal of acts specified in schedule XII
645 Saving of orders, rules, etc., in force at commencement of act
646 Saving of operation of section 138 of act 7 of 1913
647 Saving of pending proceedings for winding up
648 Saving of prosecutions instituted by liquidator or court under section 237 of act 7 of 1913 (7 of 1913)
649 Construction of references to former enactments in documents
650 Construction of "registrar of joint stock companies" in act 21 of 1860 (omitted)
651 Construction of references to extraordinary resolution in articles, etc
652 Appointment under previous companies laws to have effect as if made under act
653 Former registration offices continued
654 Registers under previous companies laws to be deemed to be part of registers under act
655 Funds and accounts under act to be in continuation of funds & accounts under previous companies law
656 Saving of incorporation under repealed acts
657 Saving of certain tables under previous companies laws
658 Section 6 of the General Clauses Act, 1897 (10 of 1897) to apply in addition to Section 645 to 657 of Act
647A Transfer of winding up proceedings to tribunal
651A Reference of winding up of companies in other laws
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