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581A Definitions
581B Objects of Producer Company
581C Formation of Producer Company and its registration
581DMembership and voting rights of Members of Producer Company
581E Benefits to Members
581F Memorandum of Producer Company
581G Articles of association
581H Amendment of memorandum
581I Amendment of articles
581J Option to inter-State co-operative societies to become Producer Companies
581K Effect of incorporation of Producer Company
581L Vesting of undertaking in Producer Company
581M Concession, etc., to be deemed to have been granted to Producer Company
581N Provisions in respect of officers and other employees of inter-Stale co-operative society
581O Number of directors
581P Appointment of directors
581Q Vacation of office by directors
581R Powers and functions of Board
581S Matters to be transacted at general meeting
581T Liability of directors
581U Committee of directors
581V Meetings of Board and quorum
581W Chief Executive and his functions
581X Secretary of Producer Company
581Y Quorum
581Z Voting rights.
581ZA Annual general meetings
581ZB Share capital
581ZC Special user rights
581ZD Transferability of shares and attendant rights
581ZE Books of account
581ZF Internal audit
581ZG Duties of auditor under this Part
581ZH Donations or subscription by Producer Company
581ZI General and other reserves
581ZJ Issue of bonus shares
581ZK Loan, etc., to Members
581ZL Investment in other companies, formation of subsidiaries, etc
581ZM Penalty for contravention
581ZN Amalgamation, merger or division, etc., to form new Producer Companies
581ZO Disputes
581ZP Strike off name of Producer Company
581ZQ Provisions of this Part to override other laws
581ZR Application of provisions relating to private companies
581ZS Reconversion of Producer Company to inter-State co-operative society
581ZT Power to modify Act in its application to Producer Companies
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