14Certificate of registration

(1) The Commissioner, after due verification of the application and the supporting documents, shall grant a certificate of registration in Form DVAT-06. The Commissioner shall grant single registration to a dealer who has within Delhi, more than one place of business.

(2) A dealer shall be deemed to be registered under the Act from the date of the receipt of his Application for Registration as specified in sub-rule (1) above or from the date the dealer has become liable to pay tax except where any other date has been specified in the certificate of registration.

(3) Every registered dealer shall retain and prominently display the certificate of registration at its principle place of business and a certified copy thereof at all other places of business in Delhi.

Further the dealer shall also prominently display his TIN and ward number outside the main entrance of all places of business in delhi.

(4) A registered dealer may obtain from the Commissioner, on payment of the fee prescribed in Annexure 1 to these rules, a duplicate of the certificate of registration where the original has been lost, destroyed or defaced or a certified copy or copies on payment of the fee prescribed in Annexure 1 to these rules for the purpose specified in sub-rule (3).

(5) The Commissioner shall issue a fresh certificate of registration under the Act to every dealer who is registered by virtue of section 24.

(6) Pending the issue of the certificate pursuant to sub-rule (5), a certificate of registration issued to a dealer who is registered under the Delhi Sales Tax Act, 1975 (43 of 1975) or the Delhi Sales Tax on Works Contract Act, 1999 (9 of 1999) or the Delhi Sales Tax on Right to Use Goods Act, 2002 (13 of 2002) as in force in Delhi immediately before the commencement of the Act shall be sufficient evidence that the person is registered for the purposes of section 19.