11.  Applications  General


(1) Every application under the Act for registration as a dealer or for the amendment or cancellation thereof, shall

(i) be furnished in the Forms prescribed in these rules;

(ii) contain the information and particulars required in the relevant Form;

(iii) be signed and verified by the person or authority mentioned in section 29 and in the manner specified in the relevant Form;

(iv) be accompanied by all documents mentioned in the Form;

(v) be accompanied by proof of payment of the fee as prescribed in Annexure 1 to these rules; and

(vi) be accompanied by security in the prescribed amount.


(2) Where no Form is prescribed in these rules, the application may be made in writing served on the Commissioner:

 PROVIDED that the Commissioner may require that the application be re-submitted in a Form or manner as may be specified by the Commissioner.

(3) The Commissioner shall issue a receipt acknowledging receipt of an application at the time the application is furnished.