61. Manner of obtaining copy of certain orders by dealers

(1) Subject to the provisions of section 90, if any dealer or person requires a certified copy of a document filed by him or of an order concerning him passed by any authority appointed under section 10, he shall make an application to the authority concerned. The application shall bear adhesive court-fee stamp of the value of rupees fifty for an ordinary copy and such stamps of the value of rupees hundred for an urgent copy. In addition, a searching fee of rupees five shall be levied in all cases except where the papers of which copies are required have not been deposited in the record room of the said authority.

(2) On receipt of the application, the said authority shall inform the applicant of the amount of court-fee stamp required, under the provisions of sub-rule (1), for the supply of the copy. After the requisite amount of court-fee stamps are furnished by the applicant, the said authority shall cause a certified copy of the documents or order to be prepared and granted to the applicant.

(3) The following additional fee in the shape of court fee stamp shall be payable for the grant of copies, namely –

                                                                                                        Ordinary copy                                                     Urgent copy

(a) Copying fee for every 150 words                                                         Rupees five                                                        Rupees ten

or less of the order or document.

(b) Authentication fee.                                                                             Rupees five                                                        Rupees ten

(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rules (1), (2) and (3), an application for a copy may also be made by registered post, in which case the applicant shall pay an additional fee of rupees ten. In such case the application shall be accompanied by a challan in Form CH-I showing payment of the amount into the Government Treasury.